Ultimate Server Tool V1

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Ultimate Server Tool V1

Post by Chris » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:54 pm

I thought now is a good time to release the beast.
Please read through the manual carefully before starting to push buttons.

Please keep in mind that this is the first release, we've spent a long time testing it but can't guarantee that we haven't missed something.
Post down below letting me know if you have any issues.
Ultimate Server tool v1.1 README

Brief description:
-Easily compress and upload redirect files with the userfriendly interface
- ~30 times faster compression
-Multithreaded upload
-Dependency walker that automatically searches through your game directory for missing or corrupted files
-(optionally) Automatically download and install found files from public/private redirects or other remote locations (uz/uz2 or uncompressed)
-Move corrupted files to quarantine, delete them or ignore them; optionally replace them too
-Include custom paths. This is your responsibility to make sure those directories are checked by the engine apart from the default paths
-Extract files using a friendly interface
-Auto saves last instance. OBS! If you have passwords saved don't forget to remove them if you send the config.ini to someone!

This tool started off as a tool for my own personal use.
I later decided to add a couple more days of works to it
so it could be used by others aswell.

It's free to use and redistribute as you want, as long as the archieve it's shipped in remains intact.
This means the readme may not be altered and files may not be removed or added.

Detailed user guide:

This is the utility that helps you set up your redirect server with nothing but a few parameters.
Very fast compression aswell as multithreaded upload. (Up to 16)

Root directory: This is the root directory of your server and must be specified!
Additional paths: This is where you can add other folders within your root folder other than the default ones incase you have a special setup
Operation: This lets you choose what operation you wish to perform
-Compress & Upload All:
Straightforward, compress and upload every file
-Compress & upload Missing:
Only compress files that has not yet been compressed (Added files or continuing previous operation?)
-Compress All/Missing
Same deal here but without any upload.
-Upload All
Upload everything in the ./Redirect/ folder
Compression: Chose what game this is
Exclude default files: Explains itself, doesn't it?
Host: URL or IP to remote FTP host
Passive mode: Connect using passive mode
Threads: Number of simultaneous uploads

This is the utility that searches through your game assets and will let you know about any missing files.
You can then specify a remote location that will be checked to see if the file exists there and can be downloaded.
If files were found and downloaded they will automatically be extracted if needed, then you will be prompted to decide if you want the tool to install
the files to default folders or if you want to install them yourself. In case you want to install them yourself the files will be found at "Root/TempDownloads/".

Root directory: See Redirect utility above.
Additional paths: See Redirect utility above.
Game: Choose what game this is for.(UT99/UT2003/UT2004)
Corrupted file: Chose what to do if a corrupted file is found
Attempt to replace corrupted file: Replace corrupted file(s) if found on remote location
Remote location: The full URL or IP of the http remote host

Just a simple and userfrienly uz/uz2 extraction interface that lets you extract multiple files at once.
Just specify a folder for the target extension and select which files you want to extract.

Microsoft libraries: OBS!!
You will need to have these installed on your computer before you can run this tool
VC++ 2010 SP1 redistributables
NET framework 4

These are included in this archieve so if you don't have them installed, go ahead and install them first.

Thanks to:

DAG(War_Master) For helping me with testing and contributing with ideas

Developed by
Christopher (Chris)

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Re: Ultimate Server Tool V1

Post by UTPe » Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:27 am

hi Chris, thanks for your work !
when I'll have some free time, I'll test your tool, I'm really curious :thuup:
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Re: Ultimate Server Tool V1

Post by [rev]rato.skt » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:26 am

thx guy nice job!
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