Botpathing request thread

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Re: Botpathing request thread

Post by Berserker » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:01 pm

sektor2111 wrote:
Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:31 am
First thing is (the pathing request):
I need to know if there are noticeable ugly bugs with regard to navigation - old Bot bugs are there no worries (water in stage - we can discuss about it if any other thing will occur... for fixing multiple problems not only one)
Wow, nice work Sektor, thank you for the insight, this gave me a lot of ideas! Honestly, your bot play is quite good and acceptable.

You also asked for a bug report and here is a list of the bugs:
- The main bug that I've noticed is that sometimes the Bots moon jump a lot when they try to hop on both pillows on the bed. How do they jump so high without boots?
- Bots get stuck in the bed kicker in blue base, I think if there is a slight velocity push force for the kicker in Y axis, it will move them a bit out of the kicker and bots will not get stuck for too long.
- Bots ignore the shield belt on top of the kid blocks.
- Bots ignore the big Keg outside on the slides. Bots do take the route outside and go above the slides - they take the Shock rifle but ignore the Keg which is right next to the Shock..

As for the team kickers, they absolutely must be there. The team kickers are not placed with bot play in mind. This map is designed for competitive Siege multiplay and I wanted it to be slightly compatible for offline/online CTF with a proper botpathing. Honestly, if the Bots ignore the Team Kickers, that would be great. First and foremost the most important player of the map will be humans, the Team Kickers are placed with that in mind. Team Kicker actor was coded by Higor, they are quite common in Siege and I use them lot. The map was already tested couple times on 5v5 Siege matches and the team kickers were placed, because it was requested.

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Re: Botpathing request thread

Post by sektor2111 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 10:07 pm

Boots are near flag, I don't think they jump high without them.

There is A single Exit of Base at flag... I don't get why not escaping on alternate route. I'm not fan of ONE way predictable route and this is CTF not Siege. If you don't like that remove those "Teleporters", add teamkickers back and have fun ambushing carrier in the same place - that's lame. Already I pointed in image what was about TeamKicker - bot carrier was killed unable to leave base - WHY ? Team cheating now ?
In other hand, here translocator can substitute any kicker, all paths can be deviated like that and... for jumping using Impacthammer Bots will have interest for health too... there are more ways to work here at Bots, it's up on what you want. If you want, I can setup another type of Bot Support with more translocations and natural jumps than using any kicker, there are more options here...

For taking shield I did some paths other way, the mostly to find player carrier not on purpose for that shield but you can use a combo if you want - map's paths can be rebuild with Editor's devs, I did not made any manual editing here for being rammed later so you can adjust whatever it's needed. You can even add a jumpy route and Alternatepath making Bot to get shield from time to time like with Big-Keg, else Big-Keg won't be taken anyway if bot has already 199 health so don't count on it that much... Desire for it depends on Bot's health...
Big-Keg it's not their target - Flags are targets. If keg it's not on their way it won't be taken often, I want to see in detail what paths are there for personal curiosity, CTF is not TDM.

Kickers can be adjusted with a bit of velocity on X Y, any of them, if are causing problems for making a fall out of vertical loop-jump.

I played map multiple times and I think for me it's suitable for On-Line games exactly as it is... Oh well, I was defeated playing against Loque and Xan - MBot version...