Happy new year! (Community infos inside)

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Happy new year! (Community infos inside)

Post by Shade »

I hope you all had a good start into 2018. Stay happy and be successful with whatever you love to do in 2018. :)

Donations in 2017
A big thanks you to our community supporters, who donated a total of 125 Euro this year to cover all running costs of this platform!
(Less the Paypal fees it's 116,72 Euro Netto)
More infos: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1125

Staff Team
papercoffee joined our staff team again to help administrating and organisating the community. Thank you!

10 years anniversary
While the project UT99.org started in the end of 2007, the community itself began to grow with the introduction of this forum on 27th january 2008, (nearly) 10 years ago.

Some statistics, from 1st july 2011 to 1st january 2018 (Sadly i haven't any records from earlier years.)
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Re: Happy new year! (Community infos inside)

Post by Feralidragon »

Hmmm.... 10 years.... I didn't even realize that myself, but yeah, the forum is almost 10 years indeed, I honestly never thought it would last this long.
And it's still quite active, especially when comparing with other forums which were quite active themselves 4 years ago, and which are pretty much dead nowadays.

Congratulations. :tu:
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Re: Happy new year! (Community infos inside)

Post by Dr.Flay »

Well best of luck to us all, and who knows what the year will bring.
I wish you all happiness and a healthy new year.
Hopefully it will have a few treats in-store for us, as it has already started well.
Feralidragon and Fragnbrag both turn up, now I am half expecting Creavion to say hello.

I should be moved into a new house and back online properly at the same point the forum has its 10th birthday, so I look forward to a double celebration.
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Re: Happy new year! (Community infos inside)

Post by Chamberly »

Nice page stats! I wonder what caused those 2 big jumps? Would it have been the mass email?
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