UTcoop: Being Eeeeevil!

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UTcoop: Being Eeeeevil!

Post by EvilGrins » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:51 am

I didn't play UTcoop much but I had fun with it in a borderline cheating sort of way.

Unlike the Unreal1 monsters (UTcoop let you play as the monsters) there were certain things coop allowed that could make games seriously unfair. For example, all the SkaarjTroopers have an energy shield on one arm that lessens the impact of incoming fire to enable them to survive...

...whereas in UTcoop, if you played as a SkaarjTrooper your shield could survive multiple redeemer hits, instagibs, etc. You only became vulnerable if you put it down.

So, for those that played UTcoop ever... what was your favorite exploit you would do? Something that kind of evil.
my fave exploit
Those familiar with Unreal1 knows the Warlord can teleport, sort of. Basically it disappears and can reappear elsewhere.

I liked to disappear, sneak up right behind someone, and then missile them to death. Turns out in coop you didn't need to reappear to shoot your missiles.
medor wrote:Replace Skaarj with EvilGrins :mrgreen:
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Re: UTcoop: Being Eeeeevil!

Post by sektor2111 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:06 pm

Locking a game with some delayed things convinced by poorly attitude code from ScriptedPawn... it wasn't on purpose, but I figured the "how to" after some years of "monstrosity" battling. I'm currently using another packs getting tired of that mess. I'm still hunting another missing thing...
I'm hoping that somebody will point me to the problem in order to develop a mitigation, or else...

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