Epic games releases...spyware?

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Re: Epic games releases...spyware?

Postby sektor2111 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:34 pm

I did not forgot your real name - Kelly said it multiple times, so I don't know it from G00gle or whatever, just from my head...
You are an UT guy and then I don't forget people involved...
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Re: Epic games releases...spyware?

Postby papercoffee » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:18 pm

Sorry to say this ...but Windows 10 IS SPYWARE... or should I say surveillanceware

It has a keylogger implemented (you can't disable it just disagree)
It watches your movements. Webcam anyone?
It listen to your voice ...hey it could be you want to ask Cortana something.
It makes cloud backups from your system and folders. Hey... cloud ...you know, that safest place in the internet. Nothing bad happened every with CLOUD.
It uses GPS ... ok that one is old news.

You have to disable so many things on a core level and even then can't you be sure that you disabled everything... and the stressed/overworked/underpaid average Joe doesn't have the time and energy left to understand or even manage his system that way.
They just want that it works and show them movies/porn/games/"news"/"friends".
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Re: Epic games releases...spyware?

Postby Feralidragon » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:52 pm

JackGriffin wrote:Ask yourself: If I ran a server that accessed and copied your saved ini passwords and you caught me doing it, would it matter what my excuse was? Would it matter at all if I said "Oh yeah, that's my fault. I put that in there and just forgot to take it out. My bad, I'll fix it now (that you know about it)."

But that's the thing: was Epic doing anything like that?
Is there any evidence that you have that they were sending that kind of sensitive data to their or other servers, or is that just a baseless assumption?
Isn't that an unfair representation of what they are actually doing?

Because that sort of thing is fairly easy to pick up, and the tools for it are freely available.
What really matters in the end is not what they "read" in your system, is what they "send" to be stored elsewhere.

At most, accessing something that they have no good reason to access could result in some red flags for you to look into, as indicators of what they "might" be doing out of line, but other than that, unless someone shows that they are really sending sensitive data away, it's all paranoid conjecture in my opinion, with no proof.

Therefore, allow me to turn that around: if I all of a sudden accused you of doing shady stuff just by the act of you reading my User.ini file, when maybe you have a very good reason to do so that in no way violates my privacy in the end, how would you react?
Do you think it would be fair for you to be accused of a shady practice, and be potentially labeled for life as such, or would you prefer if I actually looked in what is actually being done and hear you out?

And if you have already a good explanation, should I take it as a pre-defined response for damage control as you defined it, or the actual explanation?
Why is everything assumed to be a conspiracy and calculated?

Because it sounds like nowadays anything a company does is about this big conspiracy for a new world order, without the people actually having the slightest understanding of what's really going on, when ironically each website you visit is probably taking more personal data from you than these launchers and games.

JackGriffin wrote:I love Epic, I love the entire Unreal universe. They've sold out completely though. Enjoy that thought while you know that Unreal Tournament will never get finished because they chose to do this instead:
Spoiler: show

So they have the new UT with almost zero chance of generating any revenue, and another game which is a global hit and which generates enough revenue to even give it away (which they do).... yeah... "choice"...

If Fortnite didn't introduce the BR mode, it would have suffered the same fate as Paragon, because they were already running out of budget and time to keep the project going, and there wasn't that much interest in the PvE mode, therefore if they invested into UT instead, then they would have pretty much no flagship title at all and would have failed completely as a game studio back then, again, and would need to keep investing in the engine alone, which is what kept them going as a company, more than the games themselves.

People have to remember that companies have to make money, otherwise they may cease to exist, or at least struggle to make larger and riskier investments, and that doesn't implicitly make them evil.
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Re: Epic games releases...spyware?

Postby Carbon » Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:30 am

Maybe we should all admit that we don't know with certainty and that smarter folks - or those with the relevant skill set - will look into this deeper now that it's a Big Thing.

Game on, boys and girls. :)
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Re: Epic games releases...spyware?

Postby Leo(T.C.K.) » Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:00 am

And that can't happen with me because I am not using google, I'm shielded off like fuck, whenever I am in a graphical mode I am behind a proxy (which is not now), yet tards complain about double posting.

I'm fucking behind Jack on this one...no don't interpret it *that way*..

You guys don't even know how those devices you use operate, you just happily consume like no tomorrow.

But yes they made it increasingly harder to actually control what you do, there are chips in new hardwares that track shit down, better not buy into that crap because indeed it's turning 1984.

EDIT: WHy didn't you fucking ditch Google you conformist cowards, when the entire PRISM stuff was revealed. No you kept happily using it and allowing Google to take over more search engines, destroy their market, limit and CENSOR search results to sites like 8chan with spurious acussations or to textfiles.com. No matches will appear from those sites whatsoever.
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