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Old but new

Post by Gridmstr75 »

I know this a NOOB ?> but i recenlty fired up UT99 for the first time in many many years and i want to get back into it showing my son what i played when i was younger with lovely mods, voice packs etc. for the life of me i do not remember how setup a voice pack like full metal jacket to work.?

i followed the text file in it but does not work or come up when pressing T key ? :?
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Re: Old but new

Post by UnrealGGecko »

If you are trying to install a downloaded voicepack, make sure the .u and .int files are in the System folder, while the .uax are in the Sounds folder. Then on UT's player customization menu, in the voicepack tab it should appear.

Also make sure your input controls are correct.
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Re: Old but new

Post by OjitroC »

Gridmstr75 wrote: ...i followed the text file in it but does not work or come up when pressing T key ? :?
First thing is have you just downloaded it? There are at least four versions of the FMJ voicepack (on Unreal Archive) and 3 of these are .umod files - so are you have a problem installing the umod?

It may be that your T key is no longer bound to the player's voice - so, as UnrealGecko says, for the Player to issue orders, etc during the game, you need to set up the input controls - in the main UT menu, go to Preferences -> Input -> SpeechBinder and you can set a key for a number of orders and taunts. Also go to Controls -> Taunts/Chat where you can assign a key to bring up the voicemenu ingame and issue orders, etc that way as well.