Completed Unreal High Res Textures now available

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Re: Completed Unreal High Res Textures now available

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AHaigh01 wrote:Previously Diehards build for skybox was included in my release because it was complete and finished - but possibly corrupt with it's palettes. I was not able to reproduce the error on dm brokenfaith. Can someone verify that these fix the problem?
The problem with the palette was solved but the texture that was referecing skybox.utx won't render either in game or in the editor (I tried both files). I don't even know if it's possible to have a 2k texture as the source for a wet texture. I've removed the reference from this map to avoid conflicts but I'm afraid the same problem will occur in older maps that have stock textures as source for their wet textures.

Here's how it's looking in game:
and how it was supposed to look:
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Re: Completed Unreal High Res Textures now available

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@AHaigh01 is there way we could get a "softer" version of these textures? Even if they looked a tiny bit more cartoony, that would be fine.

The textures as they are now, are incredibly sharpened looking. It honestly doesn't feel great on the eyes.

This is pretty much the first time I've ever used Reshade's SMAA for the express purpose of softening the harshness of sharpened textures.

Otherwise, the textures themselves look great, as AI upscaled stuff usually does.

I feel that a present like Manga109 would have done a more aesthetically pleasing job.

The only other issue I can think of is the compression artifacts in some of the textures probably should have been fixed in photoshop before those textures were put through the AI upscaler. As a result some HD textures are covered with random colors from compression artifacts.