Question about the MonsterHunt.u

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Question about the MonsterHunt.u

Post by EvilGrins » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:00 am

The .u file for MonsterHunt, does it have the same monsters in it in every version or have any been removed in the upgrades?

Specifically wondering about the LavaTitan.
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Re: Question about the MonsterHunt.u

Post by sektor2111 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:57 am

YOU CANNOT remove classes, variables, etc. unless that "update" will not be compatible, and if whatever map having a missing class or a missing object is pointed by some reference from it will crash game or it will cause funky things ON-Line/Off-Line.

Original MonsterHunt.u file won't allow you any MyLevel to be compiled (check it by yourself) - but you can always compile MyLevel stuff BEFORE opening MonsterHunt.u file and without any class loaded from MonsterHunt.u - or using a place-holder or an editing version (as I'm doing) and not only MonsterHunt. My UT version for editing it's different as long as I want to see what is that and where... After 20 years and less years of blabbering in UT I was drawing some conclusions:
- we have variables needed which are not shown;
- we have variables visible which are damaging when are changed;
- we have here so called constants but which are not damaging if are turned in variables and things can be tweaked on a higher Level - is needed some knowledge here.
And discussion is way too long...

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