CTF-Blice (Release)

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Re: CTF-Blice (Release)

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I thought there was a setting in zones "destructive" it gets rid of everything, guns, guts, everything. Try making that false ?

I just looked and destructive is false by default. Turn it to true I assume the flag should get destroyed in that zone.

I just replaced that cloudzone with a regular one, changed destructive to True, and the flag goes back to the base.

EDIT again
I happen to be using a cloudzone on this funky test map I am working on, by changing it to True don't seem to mess up the effect of the cloudzone either, the rockets fade like they did before.


It will rebuild in old editor but the game has lots of black flickering lights and you can't move, had to alt cntrl del.

Those movers for floors and things should not be touching the side walls, I always use one unit or an odd number for 1/2 unit space on each edge. Unless the mover is not translucent or masked.

Also it seems like you sink down a little bit on the movers, I am doing the same thing right now with another map.
So I am wondering if we make those but use a thicker wall thickness would fix that, I got to try and see what happens.
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Re: CTF-Blice (Release)

Post by sektor2111 »

TexasGtar wrote: Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:53 pm Super cool map. I gave it a few runs last night. Ran fine on my machine.
The map itself is just really nice. I think I felt warmer as soon as I left the snow blowing outside areas. lol
Very nice ambiance.
Entirely agree here. After messing a bit with said LITE version turning it into a more than LITE one (around 33 MB - it went seriously smaller and I don't get why :???: ), I was testing it in outside - another server-machine, playing over Internet. Meh... that Corona-Sun is... truly awesome... Of course, because Loque was on defending service and I was looking at sun and the rest... I lost my first match here... lol...
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Re: CTF-Blice (Release)

Post by Buggie »

Bloom red is look fine, but bloom blue in some places make feeling like I have cataract in my both eyes.
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Re: CTF-Blice (Release)

Post by Feralidragon »

TexasGtar wrote: Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:53 pm [...]
The glow-y neon lights inside is a really cool looking corona effect. I really don't have any complaints. Well done.
Great map and I don't see why this is not designed to be played. Maybe it's designed to push the limits or test stuff, but it is still a solid map and it will get played.
Thank you.
To clarify, it is indeed a "playable" map, at least in the sense that you can play it without much of an issue other than the performance itself and the cloud zone flag issue.

However, the map is huge in terms of filesize, which is usually a big turn off for both players and server admins alike, and unless you have a good machine the map will lag like crazy (even the lite version may lag a little).
It gets better with 469, but it's still very laggy.

On the other hand, one of the map highlights is the bloom effect, which works pretty much like coronas do in this engine.
This essentially means that the bloom will be occluded by BSP without issues, but it will be rendered through meshes and such, meaning that if a player stands in front of a light or so, you don't really see the player very well, which has a very negative impact in gameplay, and gameplay is the single most important trait of an actual "playable" map.

This problem is more obvious if you spawn an X-Vehicle in the map (the map was designed with X-Vehicles in mind as well, so even the big dark tank fits the map and such), where no matter where you look from inside the base, you will see all lights being rendered through the vehicle, which is absolutely horrendous.

If you go with the lite version of the map, you don't really have these issues and the performance is somewhat acceptable, but all the atmosphere of the map is lost in that version since bloom and all particle effects were removed from that version, and it may still lag a bit, especially in older systems.

That's why I consider this map more of a benchmark and a way to test the engine limits, both in-game limits and editor limits as well, and it has been a very useful map in that way, with a ton of issues fixed both in the editor and in-game in 469.
It also gave me a much better understanding where the engine hard limits are exactly on many things, and lot of myths have been cleared out as a result, and thus in the end it became an object of study for myself too, so that I may be able to do a much better job in the future (if I happen to do more things in the future, that is).