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Re: Howdy!

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papercoffee wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:02 pm @Sm[]key
Please refrain from double posting within a 24 hour time limit, when no other has answered after you in that time. We allow our member to edit their posts to add more content.
No problem PC!

I'll try not to do it again, wasn't aware of the edit button! :noidea
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Re: Howdy!

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Hello there Sm[]key.
We are generous with the edit ability here so you can edit old posts. This helps for project threads where the first post is the most useful for the links etc.
Also using the full editor mode gives you more options you may miss with a quick reply.
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Re: Howdy!

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I have exacly the same cd rom.
On the second cd are some maps and some high ress textures.
You must add them when installing the second cd and patch them.
You just take a look at tips and turtuals on this forum.
wich you can find here:


Must used graphical driver is the open gl wich you can find there also.

Ut99 is the best game epic games did made so you are very lucky to find your original copy there.
Have funn with it if you dont have the 436 version you must patch the version to 436.But mine version has already the 436 version, so i dont need to patch. :tu:
Good luck with it maby i see you online.
Its the so called goty edition of ut 99 , wich is more complete then other versions.

Its good to have you here on this forum.
unreal tournament 99
ImageImage ... oject/home mine home ut99 website. ... ef-in.html dutch blog page about ut99 settings.