Having issues, maps keep crashing

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Re: Having issues, maps keep crashing

Post by sektor2111 »

First time I wanted to use ALL these maps more or less patched, later I realized that mutators used inside them are not what I want in any way. Beautiful Maps are sitting now elsewhere in my system being out of use at this moment, perhaps it's time for taking a tour into UTR stage.
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Re: Having issues, maps keep crashing

Post by FraGnBraG »

usually by now ferali would have chimmed in :) EG I think there is an update to xpickups. I think the utr map pack installs with original version, then you update to the newer one after. That info is all on the forum/site here somewhere. I remember creavion sorting me out when i first installed the utr map pack. Also, if you use a lot of mods perhaps xpickups doesn't play nice with some of them. I think ferali discussed this once...