Unreal Tournament 99 beta music with unused parts

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Unreal Tournament 99 beta music with unused parts

Post by Delacroix »

As seen here, the beta menu track (already starkly different) has some unused parts which aren't heard at all.

Somebody did restore them but the music is available as OGG only.

Could somebody please make the same changes to the file that is in attachment to make it sound the same, but in tracker format?
I don't know which of these contains the unused parts. I included both just in case.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Unreal Tournament 99 beta music with unused parts

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

Yrex restored many unused tracks on my request btw for asp, many of which tracks were not released with it since they were meant for unmade levels or just weren't used (for some really weird reason), but since ASP was put on ice the only thing I could have done was release the tracks separately before as asp music pack and updated version. There are still hidden tracks such as unreal beta title and utend.umx having one, utend having 16 bit samples but some sections of the unused track are missing from there. It is im perhaps the best unused track and I'll have it restored eventually.