standard voicepack in fragging times

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standard voicepack in fragging times

Post by darksonny »

Hi all
Every times I play ut I notice how the standard ut voices are done when ingame the players (bot or humans) are fraggin' and for example you do a flakshot against loque (for example) this one screams just before is dead or worse when this player is a woman which his screaming voice is sometimes ridicule, too exagerated or even unnatural... is there any mut or modification that replaces this standard ut voices by another ones more "realistic" or less ridiculous to out ears?
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Re: standard voicepack in fragging times

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I'm pretty sure that this has been discussed before on the forum so have a search and see if you can find anything (for example, there's this thread viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13276.

The injury, death and other player/bot sounds are in various .aux - the male sounds are in Malesounds.uax for example. These sounds are assigned in the various TournamentPlayer and Bot classes in Botpack - so, just for clarity, they are not voice pack sounds.

I can't think of a mod/mutator that alters these sounds.

If you want to play on-line, then I am not sure what you can do. However, for playing off-line, you can either create subclasses of the Player/Bots and assign new sounds (having first created new .aux) or create new versions of the Malesounds, etc aux files (using exactly the same name for each .wav file as in the original sound aux and then there is no need to alter the Player/Bots properties).

There are plenty of sources of different injury/death sounds - look in other UT game versions; other UEngine 1 games; models for UT2k4 that have species sounds; some UT99 models have different sounds; other games; existing UT99 aux files you may have that contain new injury/death sounds such as NewDeath.aux; voice packs for UT99 or UT2k4 may include new/different hit/death sounds. You just need to make sure that the sounds are in .wav format and are the right codec - to ascertain this, extract a few default UT99 death sounds, check their codec and make sure you convert any 'found' sounds to this codec.

Collecting new sounds is a lot of work so you need to be sure that you actually want to do this.