leaderboard for server

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leaderboard for server

Post by sXs-sketchpad »

hello ladies and gentlemen

i wanted to ask is there an easy way to have a leaderboard on my sniper server so players can see at the end of each game who is the lead a bit like the one that is found in monsterhunt servers
i allready have a smart scoreboard was looking for something like this that shows the top ten players is it possible cheers


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Re: leaderboard for server

Post by OjitroC »

That leaderboard is from MonsterHuntGold2 - see this thread f=33&t=12036 - but I doubt it can be used independantly of that. Perhaps ProAsm could do something as an offshoot of the Smart Scoreboard?
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Re: leaderboard for server

Post by Que »

Trying to think through the logistics of it. SSB caters for several GameTypes and scoring varies for each gametype ie; CTF had the highest points per round.

So implementing a scoring system across the board is what would be tricky.

Perhaps if we just made a leaderboard based on Frags then that would suffice.
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