My Unreal Engine 1998 Server

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My Unreal Engine 1998 Server

Post by GenericoPT »

Hi folks

-I have a server on Unreal Engine 1998,so im invited everyone to play there,if you dont have the game,install it..i have the game, i can give the link ,more information email me:

My server is: GenericoPTs DeathZone +18 [MultiServer]
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Re: My Unreal Engine 1998 Server

Post by Osiris »

Simply, I advise against playing on this server, friends of the community.

This guy bans you for no apparent reason from his server, I came in myself, played a little (I was even talking to him, I also entered his discord), he told me about following some rules that I agreed to follow, and then being discovered FOR NO REASON (give me proof that what I said in the message was the opposite)

An unpleasant experience, with how beautiful the community is, and that this person has a server seems absurd to me, really.

Well, he made fun of the sad loss about our friend Oldsparky, what do you expect from this character, really?

Not much
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Re: My Unreal Engine 1998 Server

Post by papercoffee »

Please keep drama from other communities out of our forum.
Accusations like these are difficult to proof and we prefer to stay neutral.
What an admin do or didn't do is his own choice... just stop playing at that server.