Bunny Track cup

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Re: Bunny Track cup

Post by ShaiHulud »

"Kaplan's Jungle" is one of those map names I reflexively associate with BT. There are still new maps being uploaded regularly!

Kaplan wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:07 am A BunnyTrack being hosted in 2021? I couldn't believe my own eyes when I randomly searched for 'BunnyTrack' on Youtube and ordered by time of upload, a whole list of BT videos showed up of this cup. I just had to register here just to type this message.

Pitty I couldn't watch them live as they were played weeks ago. But it still put a huge smile on my face for sure.

Maybe a little bit late but big shout out and thank you to the community (organizers, donators, players, watchers, etc etc.) for this nostalgic and epic event.
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Re: Bunny Track cup

Post by Kaplan »

I actually replayed all my own maps not long ago and was embarrassed and sad about some of the designs flaws I made.

Judging now years later, Kaplans Jungle's infamous dodge was really dumb and stupidly setup. If I had to rework that map, I would not make that part "One try else you die and start over" because dodging such a steep ramp and distance requires too much precision which becomes more luck you would say.

I was happy to see EvilTomb and MountainBase featuring in the cup. Especially MountainBase, being such a nostalgic and precious map to me.