Need add forum plugin which merge posts

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Re: Need add forum plugin which merge posts

Post by Metalfist »

I'm talking in general here, so not specifically about this mod, but it's not an "excuse", it is a real problem that I have experienced before so don't pretend it's not a possible problem just because you can't see it on the front end. And it can be a hassle to remove all the code from the php files, which in turn can cause problems with other code. The more you add, the more risks you build in (including security risks). Yes it can run for a while, but in the long run it can fall apart like a house of cards. You don't want the same happen like with beyondunreal (broken database). It's important to see these risks too for the longevity of the forum.
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Re: Need add forum plugin which merge posts

Post by esnesi »

Metalfist wrote: Sun May 30, 2021 2:30 am
If certain issues can be automated, which occur quite a lot, then why not ?
It is handy, but there are downsides. More mods and plugins can create more instabilities and issues when trying to update the forum software for example.
You always need to test something before using it.
That is quite logical.

If such a plugin offers instability and updates issues, those would or should be mentioned somewhere.
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Re: Need add forum plugin which merge posts

Post by Feralidragon »

Well, it's been years since I last peeked into the phpBB source code, and it's still at the same levels of awful unfortunately.

It still targets PHP 5.3, which last release was almost 7 years ago, which already opens some potential security vulnerabilities by itself, and then the whole thing is still built in such an old way that it hurts my soul just reading it, which makes it very hard to update without breaking, and it's fairly fragile security-wise (if you don't know exactly what you're doing, you will be opening the forum to all sorts of security issues).

So I can understand Metalfist's concerns to a good degree.
Code like this is not easy to upgrade and modify without compromising security and compatibility with future updates, it's that bad.

Having that said though, as long as the mods are PHP-side only, and they don't actually change anything in the database itself, it will always be possible to migrate to future phpBB versions.
And something like an auto-merge feature should be something fairly easy to do involving nothing else other than PHP-side extensions or mods, and which will at most disappear with an update, at which point it just needs to be done again, but it won't really break anything or make the forum security worse than it already is.

So I would say, just go for it.

If you have concerns, you can link me to the code itself, and once I have a bit of time I can review to tell whether or not the code is reliable.
I don't know almost anything about phpBB itself, as I never used it myself and its code quality also acts a repellent for me, but I have been doing PHP programming for almost 10 years now, so I can at least review it.
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Re: Need add forum plugin which merge posts

Post by Shade »

Metalfists arguments are valid. However, in this case the plugin is pretty compact and the usefulness worth the very slim risks. At least for the moment.
Auto merging is enabled. If you encounter any problems, please let me know. Auto merging can also be deactivated individually for certain threads, if necessary.