search for a fix for high-resolution monitors

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search for a fix for high-resolution monitors

Post by Gadavre »

For people with poor eyesight and with a large monitor, it is not very convenient to play the tournament. since font size in the description of the match and the fighters is very small
Please help me find a fix or mod that increases the smallest text in the singplayer....
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Re: search for a fix for high-resolution monitors

Post by Red_Fist »

In the menus you will find a selection to set it to Large (but then it's too big for the online voting screens) can't see all the maps.

Hello, it has always been a problem not just UT but even back to DOS.
There is a machine font type of thing, and monitor "8415" driver, waaaay back.

So the thing that makes fonts the size they are by the "standard" that is according to the "standard" of the monitor in relation to the size of the font, by default, built in and all the programs go by that.

So even now if you change the font too big, it gives the warning about "not all things on the screen will show" stupid ass people really pisses me off. So many years and they STILL have not cured this crap.

So, whoopy I got a 1024 monitor res, now I can see everything clear (talking 25 years ago) so you buy this awesome monitor. You get home, even a new vid card, and get it at high res, and the F$%$$%$#$%$ sh_T is SMALLER to read.

Well when some game or other uses that machine font, not that it could be changed, and there is some maps in SP with the new translator large text.

We all concede it was too small to read (Unreal dialog texts, ), BUT, not when screens were meant for 800 by 600

I feel your pain, I really do, stupid ass people is all. Only because they think everyone can read microscopic .

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Re: search for a fix for high-resolution monitors

Post by UT Sniper (SJA94) »

Are you using 469? You can override the font scaling in the menus to make it larger, unless the match descriptions where overlooked somehow.


Looked like it was overlooked.