Control the speed of the pan on the texture

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Control the speed of the pan on the texture

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Which vacuum cleaner brands should you buy in 2020?

If you take some time to look for the exact answer to this question online or offline, you will be overwhelmed by all the information you find. There are more than enough Image best vacuum cleaner brands on the market. Each of us will have our personal criteria when buying a vacuum machine such as durability, functionality, price, maintenance, etc. In my opinion, the best answer is the brand that will make customers happy while they perform their cleaning tasks. So the question should be: which brand has successfully gained customer’s trust in 2020?

1/ Dyson – A high-end vacuum cleaner that can make your cleaning experience enjoyable

This British brand is the top leader in high-end household appliances, which offers to the market various products in different categories such as hair dryers, hair curlers, vacuum cleaners, etc. Their products are now available in over 65 countries all across the world. You might be surprised when I tell you that a basic Dyson vacuum cleaner costs at least $500. The most well-known product series is its “V series”. The latest one is called “Dyson V11” which sells at $1000. Do we need a vacuum machine that costs that much?


If you believe that time is money, a Dyson vacuum cleaner is a good way to save your money. The suction power of the Dyson machine is appreciated by most customers. For example; the latest V11 is designed with 20% more suction power to remove all dust, dirt, and allergens in the blink of an eye.

Every product of this brand is designed to satisfy most types of customers with all the latest technologies incorporated inside. Some of these are its cord-free versatility, a quieter cyclonic motor, its Dynamic Load Sensor System (DLS) for energy-saving, and the advanced filter that captures dust and allergen particles of 0.3 microns, etc.

2/ Shark – An affordable high-end vacuum machine for pet owners

Although Shark is not as popular as Dyson, this Canadian brand is worth to be listed as The Best Vacuum Cleaner Image. This brand now manufactures various models offering a wide range of unique features.

Here are some reasons why you would need a Shark vacuum machine:
  • Unique sealed anti-allergens with HEPA filter, especially good for pet owners
  • Premier nozzle technologies allowing multi-floor cleaning power (soft and hard floor)
  • Powered Lift-Away that can help you to clean each and every dirty corner in your house.

Shark’s vacuum cleaner is a more affordable choice than Dyson’s one.

To sum up

If your budget is not very tight, I strongly recommend you to choose a product from these two brands. They are the Image top best vacuum cleaners in 2020. These machines will contribute two things that can make your family happier. The first one is to keep your living environment neat, clean, and tidy. The second one is to share the cleaning tasks with all family members. This is an efficient method of protecting your family's physical and mental health!
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Re: Control the speed of the pan on the texture

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