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Hi there,

i made this by building upon the DM-Tutorial.
It's not realy a DM map, it's more like a SP shooting gallery and most of the work is in the scripts. Bot's are taken care off.

To start the tests, step on one of the 4 platforms.
I recommend to use the sniper rifle, i added the others after i finished the scripts just for fun.
:!: The scripts are only working properly for hitscan weapons.
After 10 targets shot, you'll get some statistics on your performance depending on the test.

What is it good for?
Mainly for testing mouse settings and mindless shooting around
Maybe also for skill, reaction testing? don't know. :?:

Known Bugs/Issues:
- Tested the map only on my pc, so i only know that the scripts are working for me.
- Platform 3 red target lifetime should be constant but it appears variable
- It gets boring fast

I already played UT around 2000 but i never realized how inaccurate the crosshair represents the point your shooting at.
:!: So, its best to set the weapon position to centered or hidden and use the sniper rifle for this map.

If you know maps similar like this one, please let me know.
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Re: DM-TrainingHalls

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Thank you, your map is very welcome to my list. :mrgreen: