Questions on Decoration Meshes.

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Questions on Decoration Meshes.

Post by Cleveyus » Sun Feb 13, 2022 9:56 pm

Im actually making Decoration Meshes from .t3d brushes.
I convert all in Meshmaker with the same package name.

When open this package in Unrealed in the "Actor Class" window, all meshes are scattered.
How to have all my new meshes in one package ?

Also, when add them in map, they appear amazingly huge !
Some advice ?

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Re: Questions on Decoration Meshes.

Post by sektor2111 » Mon Feb 14, 2022 5:45 pm

MeshMaker does a mesh at time as far as I recall (I did meshes with it for my plugins). Depending on situation you need to adjust default properties (Drawscale and Collisions - Radius/Height. In order to have them in a Single Package their source-code need to be dropped in one folder as source code for all of them, or else you'll have them spread, each decoration will have a package.
This how I've wrapped them for having all three needed decorations in one package that was later compiled and decorations added during run-time from this package.
The other way is scripting a generic class of another package which will import packages with decorations in this package which will have decorations available.
As example importing three separate decorations in one package using directives compiled:

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#exec obj load file=..\System\Trm2.u package=P_BOOMBRIDGEBE
#exec obj load file=..\System\wd_fr.u package=P_BOOMBRIDGEBE
#exec obj load file=..\System\Ns_Lamps.u package=P_BOOMBRIDGEBE
You can do such import in Editor and saving later final "master" package with said decorations.
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