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Re: FixBots mutator

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Buggie wrote: Sun Jul 24, 2022 3:29 pm Nothing. Map awful unbalanced. Who get flow - start run other by respawns.
On my first run I got near -1:20 for Xan vs Vector.
I just restart map and got 16:0 for Xan vs Vector. I just wait until it not goes above 100 and stop after 1-2 Xan death after.
In middle it even be 93:43. Difference in 50,
And this mean nothing. Who control map just do respawn kills. So pure random.
I sure possible write same screen for Xan loose 30-50 frags from 100.
Very interesting, Buggie, thanks for your time. Yes, I knew the gameplay in that map felt "strange". :noidea