Unreal v227j - The thread - IT'S FINALLY OUT!

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Re: Unreal v227j - The thread - IT'S FINALLY OUT!

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New update today:
Smirftsch wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:03 am Just to give you some update.
227j has a lot of- mostly not critical - but annoying little bugs and glitches yet. Most of the reported things are fixed already by now, so I am planning to go "full" release with 227k very soon.

Thanks for all the testing feedback we got already from you!
I've been experimenting with 227j and I am really impressed with all the great work done.
It could take another 10 years for me to experiment with all the new features.

Please all, pop over to OldUnreal to thank the team for the great work they do.
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Re: Unreal v227j - The thread - IT'S FINALLY OUT!

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Leaving this here for future reference.
I want my HD graphics! Why does the D3D11 Renderer not work with v227j?

The D3D11 renderer made by darknovismc (which we won't link here for reasons that will follow) advertises features it doesn't have, and just applies post processing to everything. However we don't have (m)any problems with this (though the false advertisement is a questionable behavior). The actual problem is that it indulges into malware-like behavior by replacing the user's clipboard content with a donation link, turning an otherwise innocuous renderer into a glorified piece of malware. All of this is also exacerbated by the author's... rather poor behavior and reaction to the request to cull off this unnecessary behavior from the renderer. While we have no problem with mod authors making a living off their creations, since this renderer actually messes up with the user's system, we have no interest in making 227 compatible with it, regardless of its features and how harmless the link actually is.
And if you don't believe this (which you really shouldn't), well, this appears at the top of the renderer's page:


A mod that messes up with the user's OS (and replacing the clipboard with a link IS malware-like behavior) has no place in any system.
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Re: Unreal v227j - The thread - IT'S FINALLY OUT!

Post by Ubir4 »

I saw that with this patch (227j) Unreal Gold became able, when in window, to remember and return the position and resolution after closed and restarted. Could it be that in the future, in a new patch, we can count on this implementation for Unreal Tournament as well?

...Say YES. Please... :D
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Re: Unreal v227j - The thread - IT'S FINALLY OUT!

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Well I guess it's still not officially ready. I guess I mean I'm afraid I bet Old Unreal Forum Community Members it's still semi/partially officially released. By reinterpreting their words it's still work in progress or small delay in article and downloads sections.