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Post by EvilGrins » Fri Jun 10, 2022 6:01 am

Gauntlet is a mod that involves portals and monsters attacking from all over, which looks amazing... though admittedly I've never played it.

My interest in it was primarily the monsters.

Edited this map with Beta2, didn't know Beta4 is now available · ... ?f=25&t=56

This is the GardenOfDeath map, updated for XV and featuring many of Gauntlet's monsters.
What Gauntlet has are monsters of customized established types and some that are completely original...
...but most importantly they're powerful enough to fight what XV offers on a fairly even level.

I've another version of this map with no XV, which is understandably much harder to beat with only standard weapons.

Most of XV is on this map with the exceptions of helicopters, fixgun, and the lighter colored jeep.
Say what you will, this is not going to be boring.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.uax - /sounds
.unr - /maps
.utx - /textures
.png - Pwetty!

Enjoy! ...

You can get Xvehicles here · viewtopic.php?f=34&t=14936 · which you need to make this work!
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Re: MH-XV-Gauntlet-GardenOfDeath

Post by OjitroC » Fri Jun 10, 2022 10:11 pm

Yeah, good fun that :gj:

A curiosity that I don't think I have come across before :- killing an Angel doesn't raise a Death Message (Playername killed a ...) nor does it raise a player's death taunt. I like the way they just disappear - no messy carcass - rather fitting though.

Pity about the 2.3MB log - mostly ScriptWarnings about the projectiles/explosions.