Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'

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Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'

Post by Barbie »

I try to set the tag of an Actor to the name of another actor that is global defined, but compiling fails if I do that directly:

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class WhatEver extends Info;

var PlayerPawn Player;

function SetTagToName() {
// sets the TAG to the name of this object
local Actor A;

	// Tag = Player.name; <- does not compile: ": Error, Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'"

	// but this does compile:
	A = Player;
	Tag = A.name;
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Re: Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'

Post by ExpEM »

I expect the code error is due to some deep down native code due to PlayerPawns not being a constant over network play aka PlayerPawn0 will be the local host on every connected instance.
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Re: Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'

Post by EvilGrins »

Are you trying to put a PlayerPawn on a map, kinda like a bot, so it has an actual name and doesn't show up in the Score List as "PlayerPawn"?
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Re: Unrecognized member 'name' in class 'PlayerPawn'

Post by sektor2111 »

Barbie was talking about a compilation problem not about a PlayerPawn added in map as long as such thing does funky stuff as already mentioned in forum elsewhere.