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Find an Object

Post by Barbie »

To find an Actor it is possible to iterate over all Actors by "ForEach AllActors". But how to find an Object?

Background: to transfer data between independent packages, I create something like this in the one package:

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class WhatEver extends Object;

var PlayerPawn Player;
var int AnIntVariable;
var string AStringVariable;
and want to access this from another package.

Or is there even a simpler way to exchange data? (GetPropertyText() does not work because the relevant data are in an array.)
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Re: Find an Object

Post by sektor2111 »

Except DynamicLoadObject which for me was not that helpful, I used XC iterator "foreach AllObjects" for figuring several loads... Either way this won't report "AllObjects" as I could figure (certain geometry data...), but I'm not sure if is easy to access everything or... I cannot figure how to do certain changes.