A little help for coding on UnrealScript

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A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by UnrealWarrior »

I wanna learn to code on UnrealScript, I went to the script editor and opened the Enforcer class, and oh boy! I didn't understand anything lol

I wanna make things like for example: if you press on something let's say, a keypad, it takes the input, and if the input is correct, a door opens. or if you press a button quickly, the door opens. I don't know if it's possible, but a small idea. but I don't even know where to start.

I have a good knowledge of JS and Python (I know what a variable is). but coding in UScript or editing the code in those scripts are tough.

So, what do you guys suggest?
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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by ExpEM »

Start smaller, much smaller.
Key pads are a complex beast, Operation Napali has such code in it if you want to browse that.

I'd say to get started with UT coding work on a few mutators first, like Vampirism (shoot someone and get 50% of the damage done back as health).
Work up to custom Weapons / Pickups etc.
UT has a -messy- code structure and it takes a long time to learn where code is being inherited from and what to watch out for in parent classes etc.

Simply reading UT code is a good place to start, try to understand how it works.
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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by sn260591 »

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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by Feralidragon »

Well, I did this in this very forum several years ago:

It's a bit outdated on the UScript IDE itself (I use VS Code nowadays instead of Notepad++, and I have my own customized highlighter), but other than that, the usage of UMake and the code all should work, and I think it's a simple enough introduction to how at least make your own package.

From there, you can develop the rest by checking the actual game code, little by little, preferably through an Uncodex site, like this one:
(although this one is a bit outdated with the releases of 469 patches)
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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by smeerkat »

Let me know if this was useful, would love your feedback:
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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by gamerz31w »

Maybe you should do a video tutorial Smeerkat of how to swap(any custom debug menu/Unreal Command Console) character models as in-game mode kind of like during gameplay in Harry Potter 2 PC version(Microsoft Windows XP hardware/software era).?
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Re: A little help for coding on UnrealScript

Post by UTPe »

Hi UnrealWarrior,
I found this tutorial in my old folders, hope can help.
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