Do our IPtoCountry MasterServer Providers need an update?

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Re: Do our IPtoCountry MasterServer Providers need an update?

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Hitman wrote: Mon Jun 12, 2023 5:48 pm This old mod needs an update, would be great if some smart guy can fix it.

There is a link with the working solution above - at least 2 web sites out there provide an updated database in the old Maxmind's format.

If no way to run an own php server, then need to wait until existing IPTC public servers admins update their databases...
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Re: Do our IPtoCountry MasterServer Providers need an update?

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yes something went wrong also with mine country flaggs.
At the first place i was a american later i became Italian.I think it has something todo with the master server but i can be wrong. :noidea
Maby the epic games master server who is offline now has something todo with it.
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Re: Do our IPtoCountry MasterServer Providers need an update?

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I think I fixed it and added it to my servers, test any server I have to see if its correct, I give it some days to collect some info and get back to you.   
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Since I run my own php I found a new Geoip.dat that was up to date that worked, I but a blank iptocountry in with my address and this was what it show for 1 day, feel free to use the address or iptocountry.ini :agree1:
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Re: Do our IPtoCountry MasterServer Providers need an update?

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For the 333networks masterserver (including Errorist,OldUnreal, GoneSpy and everyone else who hosts a 333networks masterserver instance) I encountered the same problem.

I used to resolve server IPs to countries with the build-in Perl IPToCountry lookup module, but that one was already outdated when I first started using it. In the Qt5 implementation that is currently running, I currently use a json/web API that can resolve 5 addresses per minute (throttled) and I am looking for a better/integrated solution still. I encountered difficulties with some standard libraries or (expensive/paid) geolocation services that charge for the bulk of lookups.

I would love it if there's a community-ran lookup service that can also facilitate the masterserver web interfaces, so game server locations are displayed properly too. If hosting is a bottleneck, I can ask around at any of the masterserver hosts to make this happen as well.
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