ChatDiamond [Release]

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ChatDiamond [Release]

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Allow me to present ChatDiamond, a native mod for your chatting needs!!


The mod is under heavy development and presently at alpha stage, meaning huge scope for improvement over long period of time.

The salient features are like so

1. Chat display with emojis and emotes (animated emojis).
2. Messages can be copied from the history along with server ips and urls.
3. Hyperlinks are identifiably blue colored and underlined text.
4. Console window with useful filters.

Meta features
1. Tutorial on native modding (wip).
2. Tutorial on clientside UT messaging (wip).

Finally, the release page ... .1.0-alpha

Happy Hanukkah!
And five cheers for new year!!
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Re: ChatDiamond [Release]

Post by [rev]rato.skt »

Good i go test :D
Brazilian Server: