Decoration Creation Tutorial

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Decoration Creation Tutorial

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Hello All,
I know there are a lot of discussions around here about UT Decorations. I'm looking for a tutorial for creating a UT99 Decoration. I would like it to include creating a basic shape/decoration in an external 3D program, texturing and any scripting required to import into UT. I know it can be done as one of our clan members did it back in the day and he is no longer around. The image shows the decoration he created which is actually 3 different decos stacked to create the logo. I just want to learn how to do it myself. So hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
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Re: Decoration Creation Tutorial

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I haven't seen any specific tutorials about making UT99 decorations using external 3D software. What you can do is start learning Blender and look for beginner tutorials on YouTube. When you get the basic understanding of 3D software, you can use Skywolf's blender plugin for exporting meshes and then use a tool like UMake to compile your exported meshes into a .u package ... nto_Unreal ... =30&t=2409
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