ColaWars · 2 CTF maps

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ColaWars · 2 CTF maps

Post by EvilGrins »

A while back, 3 years or so, I did an edit of CTF-ColaWars with UTDMW (Warlords) which was fun but even for such a space they're a bit large. Thing is I didn't get all the UTDM-monsters at the same time, and I didn't have the UTDMS (Skaarj) back then. So later, when I did, I made another edit with them.

Bit after that I learned that ZenCoder had long ago come up with a way to embed bots directly into a map, team assigned, and so they didn't show up on the score list listed as "Player". ColaWars was one of the maps I tested that on, but I made a little boo boo as I no longer had the original so I was editing the one with the UTDMS and saved it with both the embedded bots & Skaarj.
Which was fun for a bit, but the other night I decided to separate the two: 1 map with embedded bots & the other with UTDMS.

On a side note, I didn't give the bots shadows. Figure the UTDM-monsters don't have them, so the bots didn't need them either.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.unr - /maps
.utx - /textures
.png - Pwetty

Enjoy! ...
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Re: ColaWars · 2 CTF maps

Post by OjitroC »

You didn't include Buggie's FixMonsterTeam mutator in the zip?

The UTDMS map works for me without it though ... but, oddly, your previous edit with the UTDMWarlords doesn't - the Blue Warlord won't attack me when I'm on the Red team.

Interested in the function of the TeamTrigger by the sniper rifle in each base - triggers 'killemall' which is the tag of the DIstanceViewTrigger though I thought that this would work anyway as it is a trigger as long as a bot passes within its collisionradius?