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Started playing Unreal (before UT99) on my old Pentium II 233mHz in 97-98 and loved it so much that I immediately got UT99 soon as it came out. I played mostly weapon deathmatch for a little bit early on and eventually managed to actually beat the #3 1v1 DM guy on ngstats, but it was an unranked friendly match so I didnt get any recognition for that, sadly.

Shortly after that I was sucked into the world of instagib and never looked back. I became so obsessed with it that I basically became what would now be a sponsored pro e-sports player, but i got screwed because that didnt really exist then.

Anyways, around 2000-01, clan [TBA] were the undefeated reigning champs of Instagib CTF and I tried out for them after playing some PuGs with the leadership and managed to do well enough that I was immediately slotted into a "starter" spot as dedicated flag D. Not sure if they're on these forums or if anyone will remember them, but, at that time the main people were Halarkin, Bocephus, Pimpslap, Darkside, and a few others whose names escape me after all this time.

I got the chance to play 3 ranked champ title defense matches as sole flag defender and we won all three. I dont like bragging, but i only allowed 2 captures in those 3 matches, so I was pretty proud of that, lol. We retired the clan around 2003, but not before we had 2(!) ridiculously fun and funny LAN party meetups between clan [R.I.P] and [TBA]. I'll never forget getting Darkside stoned the first time ever and then watching him put shades on and start playing the saxophone at a wild ass party... you cant make this stuff up, haha.

Anyways - was hoping to reconnect with some old IG heads if theyre still around. Cheers.

[TBA} - retired at 20-0 win-loss record for IG CTF ladder
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Welcome aboard.
Maybe you'll find some people heree from back then.