Please support this Petition for UE3/UDK developers and Modders

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Please support this Petition for UE3/UDK developers and Modders

Post by O_and_N »

Hello there. A small indie unreal engine 3 dev here. (I hope im posting this in the right place ) . Hopefully the old school players and developers here can understand why I created this thread and can reach out for support to help us preserve Unreal Engine 3 development and modding history .
I come from a small discord UE3 community where people still like to make commercial games using UDK/ Unreal Engine 3 (being that for achieving better performance or other reasons) . But either way, there are still many developers/ hobbyist that like to use the UE3 tools.

Communities like the Gears of War, UT3, Killing Floor 2 , Rising Storm Vietnam 2 , A Hat in Time , Painkiller Hell and Damnation , Primal Carnage Extinction to name a few that are still active.

The problem is that when it comes to coding and development, there used to be only ONE place where developers could find the answers they needed and that was the archived , set to read only , old UDK forums . A month ago they were shut down without notice, and Epic did a big number on many of us . They clearly don't benefit from such action and specially since the thousands of threads related to coding and development there are probably 98% user created .

This is what the forums looked like if interested (using the wayback machine ) but they only shows 2-3 pages at best. The rest is blocked by Epic: ...

After talk on our discord server (we can provide a link if requested as I don't want this to look as advertising ) we made this thread in the Epic Games forums.

Link below : ... ms/1234504

We loud really appreciate your support, if you can take a minute of your time to stop by , place a comment of support and leave a vote on the top left corner of the page .

What we want is for Epic to release for download a copy of the data of the archived UDK/UE3 forums (before they destroy it or something unprofessional) so that we can try and convert all those thousands of topics in to a offline desktop app for developers to find solutions to their problems . And also for history preservation of everything related with games development and the Unreal Engine 3 .

If you find this initiative important/ of interest, please stop by, leave a comment and a vote . Hopefully Epic will do the right thing .

Thank you for your time .
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Re: Please support this Petition for UE3/UDK developers and Modders

Post by Shrimp »

As a community that's had it's master servers shut down, its games pulled from sale, its latest iteration dumped from development, and at every step pleas to Epic falling on deaf ears, its with a heavy heart I welcome you to the club of being dumped on by Epic, and I wish you luck on your quest.

I think your best bet is one of the website download tools which allows you to attempt re-construction of a website from Wayback Machine - even if it's incomplete unfortunately I think you'll get more out of it than Epic will give you.
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Re: Please support this Petition for UE3/UDK developers and Modders

Post by papercoffee »

O_and_N wrote: Fri Jul 21, 2023 6:59 pm I hope im posting this in the right place
Sadly no. We are a heavily UT99 based forum.

But no problem I move the thread to the right section.