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Post by jmartin »

DM-Bitch Slap aka “Shoot out at the Glory Hole Casino”. ...

A simple rather silly map based on the 2009 movie.

This map is dedicated to Stéphanie Hanibal, one of the few female Unreal mappers in the world (that I know of), and author of DM-(ALMP)Casino, 2005, which served as inspiration while making this map.



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Re: DM-BitchSlap

Post by Acoma »

hah nice map man it reminds me of the old strip in the 90s. its so fun to play with bots it reminded me why i love this game so much
i was playing for a while and realized i was basically playing duke nukem forever deathmatch
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Re: DM-BitchSlap

Post by EvilGrins »

I've never been to Vegas...
...but from a litany of TV shows and movies, this seems a simplified but accurate little neighborhood for there.

Action is fairly intense and takes place on all city blocks...
Image Image Image
...but not so much the back alleys. At least not that I saw.

I've a little pet peeve about naked skins, not a fan. Mostly due to when UT first came out lots of kids were playing it; less an issue nowadays I suppose.
There's 3 NPC bots on the map dressed as strippers, that one is the most dressed of them.

One thing I liked was the sign at the casino falling down. I'm assuming it's a trap.
Never saw it hit anyone, but I know it's solid enough as while it was down a Dalek walked over it...
...and got scooped up when it went and restored itself.

Didn't see any other signs do this.

Fun map.
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