UT Ver,,469 questions.

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Re: UT Ver,,469 questions.

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There exists difference. If you do something in unreal editor, nobody care about compatibility with 436, nobody track it and easy break it. So never use Unreal editor for edit UT maps or vise versa.

When you do something in 469 editor you need really do something for make it incompatible with 436, but even if you do that, you will be notified in explicit way in most cases.

So it more about "reasons" and "excuses". If someone want reasons for not update to 469 - there no such.
If someone want excuses for not update to 469 - there always be some.

Also, FYI, 451 introduce a lot things, which not exists in 436 and can break 436. But I not see anyone who worried about that.
Moreover 451 not track anything, and not warn you in any way if you try use something, which not exists in 436 or break compatibility, like 469 does.


Some people worry about 469 editor, when blindly use 451 editor or even 227, and ruin thing on left and right.
I met already big count complains for not proper work of things, which later revealed as usage 227 editor for edit UT maps.
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Re: UT Ver,,469 questions.

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I see what you are saying, do the same things mapping that 436 does, and it will work either way.

I only used Ugold and Unreal Ed ,as an example.

now I have a basis on how to look at it all.
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