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Unreal 2 Developement bits

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I have been posting on oldunreal recently developement bits/info I have gotten mostly from secret Unreal 2 documents that I am not allowed to share public.

https://www.oldunreal.com/phpBB3/viewto ... 12#p102412

Additionaly, from a different source I got previously a screenshot of most of the character models made by Heuristic Park for the early Unreal 2 on Unreal Engine 1 (the pre-alphas I recovered previously didn't have most of these models compiled in it yet).

See attachment for the screenshot. I have got silence from the modelling guy for a month or so though unfortunately, but he was in process of moving though, but he told me the crystal balls were the crystaline entities N and the egyptian guys were one of the early designs of Izarians.
that frog looking guy was an early version of NeBan who had the nickname "Kermit" early on.

Aida wasn't oversexualized yet either (with the later design having her have that cleveage)

I have posted this in this slightly humorous offtopic thread on OU as well

https://www.oldunreal.com/phpBB3/viewto ... 64#p102364
here are the concept art for alien ruins(basically expansion pack material at that point, revised design) because the images don't display when linked offsite:
Mind you, most of those models were skeletal meshes already, in fact the earliest implementation for skeletal meshes was for Unreal 2, by Epic themselves, also deciding to use that for the upcoming PSX2 project. But Unreal 2 gave the push for skeletal meshes. Of course the devs were disappointed because they wanted more control over the models which later prompted the "Golem" system that got developed...

So yes even though some of you might hate Unreal 2 in general, its only thanks to that project that you got skeletal meshes in the first place for UT etc. Lol
Unreal2 got it before it was even implemented in UT via the later patches. Even the 400 forked versions of Unreal 2 had it included while UT didn't.
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