How to disable trans locator by editing a map.

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Re: How to disable trans locator by editing a map.

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MonsterEnd disabled is one of my methods for preventing dummy players to rush map and ruining the fun of others, map doesn't need anything else like fake touches and all sort of useless actors. MonsterEnd is a trigger that can be activated at a moment and not just using it always active.

Let's see (as biography) how goes with paths and relations with Translocator...
Small snippet - TranslocDest actor managing to work or to drop routing based on a simple check.

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class TranslocDest extends LiftCenter;
	if ( Level.Game.IsA('DeathMatchPlus') && DeathMatchPlus(Level.Game).bUseTranslocator && (Region.Zone.ZoneGravity.Z < 0.9 * Region.Zone.Default.ZoneGravity.Z) )
Sequence for demolishing paths it's dropped if game includes "bUseTranslocator".
Here we can alter in an early stage this "bUseTranslocator"... but you have to take in account mods that are forcing something else as a subsequent Translocator. In such case is need a timed check and... removing from Inventory such thing + destroying any future potential appearance (WoodenBox stuff, DropWhenKilled, etc.).

More to say, map's design might be done for preventing any help of such thing. Simple geometry, doors locked correctly, no top areas like in some "Purgatorium" map that make mods with dumb jumping features to be rushed straight at end which... is ACTIVE (any reason ?).
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Re: How to disable trans locator by editing a map.

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Red_Fist wrote: Thu Dec 28, 2023 7:24 am my main concern is OVERIDING, THE MAPPERS INTENT, AS OPPOSED TO BREAKING THE MAP.
But... that is what mappers have been doing in all sorts of games throughout history! Defining impassable places!

To just ban the Translocator altogether would be lazy, good mappers do literally do what you just said. They use BlockAlls and invisible collision hulls. This isn't just the case in UT - I mean, look at the maps in vanilla Quake 3. They use (their equivalent of) ICHs everywhere, for example to take away ledges that witty players could use to camp or unfairly surprise opponents. I dare you open up Q3DM1 in a map editor.

Now that isn't very comparable to Unreal Tournament, let alone MH. For one, we have the Translocator. But I think it gets my point across. Mappers already do the thing you said!
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