Texture art guide compilation

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Texture art guide compilation

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https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

It's hard to find the old-school texture art tutorials that would have been used in UT's time these days, so I've been scouring for everything I can get my hands on. This is a compilation of sites, PDFs, and videos, mostly using Photoshop.

The Identity Crisis and Skindom sites in particular have some great guides that are perfect for UT character texturing.
Sites Overview
-Barry Collins - Gives a broad overview of texture painting, modeling, and UV mapping.
-Game Art: Something for Everyone has a particularly good little section on skinning

-Ben Mathis - Contains a variety of guides on texture work

-BioRUST - Various Photoshop tutorials, with some more suited for web design
-Of interest might be the Metal, Wires & Cables, Rocks, and Wooden Planks

-BoBo the Seal - Mini tutorials on skinning and vertex baking

-BurstCC - Skinning guides for wood and metal (realistic guns in particular)

-CouchArtDotCom - Guides on creating metal with dodge and burn

-dyndns - Mostly guides on drawing and painting.
-The metal tutorial would be good for environments.

-GurusNetwork - Various photoshop guides.
-Photoshop guides mostly for web design, but some could be applied to texturing
-Curves, depth masks, the displace filter, metal, rocks, and more

-Hourences - A few photoshop/image editing guides from the man himself

-Identity Crisis - A lot of excellent texture art guides, including one (generally complete) series made with UT in mind

-Photoshop for Game Artists - Several quick guides on weapons, environments, and characters
-Lecture 5 breaks down texturing a weapon for Quake

-qbranch - Guides for cloth and metal textures

-Screaming Art Designs - 3d pipes, wires, chains, blood textures, and more

-Skindom - Some great step-by-step guides on skinning heads, metal, flesh, and clothing

-Wasted Youth - A nice selection of guides on shapes, metal, effects, and text (mostly image-complete)

-Misc - Assorted tutorials from sites that didn't get their own section
-Blood, character texturing, metal, stone
-The 3dtotal metal texture could have been made for Unreal
-Games - Quake, Graven, and Killing Floor
-flp's Quake site has a good skinning tutorial and example video
-The Killing Floor page covers metal and cloth skins
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Re: Texture art guide compilation

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Thanks. Thats some nice books. I would also like to share 1 from Paul Steed.

https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobi ... irection=d