UT99 critical error no startup

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UT99 critical error no startup

Post by Baardman »

i have a problem, my my second UT99 installation will not start the game and editor after installing Infiltration mod (first screenshot) and my first installation (second screenshot ) will not start unreal editor.
i tried replacing the baskup of user.ini and unrealtournament.ini but it did not help sadly.

i can still play the game of my first installation but i do not have acces to any unreal editor anymore.

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Re: UT99 critical error no startup

Post by Buggie »

First one mean broken system .u files usually. reinstall latest patch (469d as for now) on top of it must solve problem.

Second one mean in your ini file stored enormous big or too small size of editor window.
Try look at UnrealEd.ini.