UTDM-monsters' skins

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UTDM-monsters' skins

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These are the files needed for UTDM-maps · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/206743.html

· UTDMT.u (Titan) = UTDMT
· UTDM.u (Warlord) = UTDMW
· UTDMskaarjberserker.u (SkaarjBerserker) = UTDMS

Suppose I could've renamed the files but I wanted to avoid file conflicts.

Those are the only ones available for which I'm aware, though I had a chat with @OjitroC about possibly configuring more. Most likely the remaining boss type monsters: Queen, Behemoth, SkaarjOfficer. Even jokingly suggested a UTDMP (Pupae) though that's largely silly.

These are UTDM-maps I've already shared · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/tag/utdmmaps

@Dixzn's recent post about textureless skins included a request for getting all monster skins for "the playable monster skins". To which I assume he meant for the UTDM-monsters, though there's not a lot of player models for them so much as simply mapping them directly onto maps. Putting skins for use under MyLevel, and configuring the maps for specific usage.

Only 2 player models for the Warlord I know of are seemingly impossible to skin, currently.

Most are ones I found and team colored...
...others are a few originals I made.

Like ut2004 skins I found...
...and team colored.

Even going on so far as to take the armor from the newer Warlord and place it on the original:

I'm sharing the .pcx files for the various UTDM-monsters I've mapped with, for anyone to use as they see fit.

Have fun!
https://www.mediafire.com/file/qnavpj60 ... -skins.zip
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