ut99 irks me

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ut99 irks me

Post by EvilGrins »

I find it annoying the Weapons Window shows only the default weapons of the game, but not any of the weapons I've downloaded.

Really think it should.
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Re: ut99 irks me

Post by ExpEM »

I swear at some point many years ago I was irked because I had a billion weapons in that list, Unreal 4 Ever and Psi Weapons Dreams?
Found it, I worked on a project back in 1872 (ish) that swapped out the root menu (something something) porting custom Tournament to Unreal (something something) new Bots that run on "Artificial Stupidity" so to appear much more human.

This is the class I used, as you can see I had to comment out a check that the weapons belonged to Botpack.

Code: Select all

class UR_WeaponPriorityList expands UMenuWeaponPriorityList;

var string WeaponDescription;

function bool ShowThisItem()
	return bFound/* && Left(WeaponClassName, 8) ~= "Botpack."*/;

The project was never finished (no you can't have it sorry).

OldSkool uses a modified root menu in much the same way to add Unreal weapons into that list too.

All this being said, I don't think a custom menu is enough to get it working as intended, IIRC you have to modify the PlayerPawn to pull from the right list. (Maybe? IDK anymore :noidea )
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