dx11 viewfinder problem

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dx11 viewfinder problem

Post by timharvey »

Hi, I'm using with dx11 the sniper scope is on low resolution from v436. This is very annoying because with dx9 there was a very clear and high resolution v469 scope.

Is that an error and how to fix it? Thank.
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Re: dx11 viewfinder problem

Post by Buggie »

I hope you talk about one of these dx11 renders?
DirectX11 renders which faster from D3D9 and not lag on CTF-XV-Blice map:

DX11: https://github.com/dpjudas/UT99VulkanDrv - it is new. Not one what be bad from ModDb and make all oiled.
Despite name, there not only Vulkan renderer, but also for DX11.
Download link: https://github.com/dpjudas/UT99VulkanDr ... ses/latest
(Need enable Texture Atlas in settings, for make it CTF-XV-Blice not lag)

ICBIND: https://github.com/metallicafan212/ICBINDx11Drv
Download link: https://github.com/metallicafan212/ICBI ... ses/latest

latest patch (v469d for now) required for use this awesome renders.
If not, you should use it instead.