Hello from -={SDA}=-

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Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by -={SDA}=-HeatWave »

Hey everyone i like to introduce to our clan. -={SDA}=- stands for Sniping Death Angels and we are a Hardcore & Turbo clan of CTF and DM.

-={SDA}=- Info:
Clan Site: http://www.sdaclan.com

Hardcore CTF/DM Server: port 7777
Hardcore Server Game tracker : http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ... 0.10:7777/

Turbo CTF/DM Server: port 7777
Turbo Server Game Tracker : http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ... 0.122:7777

Server Hostname: ts7.light-speed.com
Server IP:
Server Port: 9031
Server Address: ts7.light-speed.com:9031
PASSWORD: sdaclan

Current Members 22

Thank You hope to see you in our servers :) :wink:

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Re: Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by Anderson »

-={SDA}=- ftw, Come stop by or play on the server sometime :)

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Re: Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by Damo »

I remember SDA from when I played years ago with gsw :-)
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Re: Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by papercoffee »

by Anderson » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:11 pm
The last post is some long time ago... can you please avoid necro bumping.
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Re: Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by zombie xXBoObZ Xx »

HEY SDA PEEEEPS its boobz looking to connect with some old pals trentstokesnwt@gmail.com get a hold of me there
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Re: Hello from -={SDA}=-

Post by Chamberly »

You could possibly find Heatwave on uK's forum here...

I sent him a message that you tried to look for him.