Apprehension; Flag Domination; CTF 4

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Apprehension; Flag Domination; CTF 4

Post by Creavion »

Honestly I dont know if somebody has ever talked about those gametypes here

Have trouble deciding between Capture the Flag and Deathmatch? Ever wish you could run around your favorite DM map with a flag on your back? Then this is your lucky day!

Apprehension takes your regular Team Deathmatch game and adds flags. But there are no bases, you say. Well of course not. Here's how it works:
  • The first player on each team to score a frag is given posession of their team's flag.
  • The object is to take your flag and at least one enemy flag to a Scoring Bubble found floating randomly around the map. Touch the bubble and you score!
  • When someone scores, or when a bubble finds itself stuck, the bubble will pop and reappear somewhere else
  • When you score, all the flags you're carrying - including your own team's flag - are removed from the game until the next time someone on each team scores a frag.
Flag Domination
Flag Domination combines elements of Capture the Flag and Domination: simply touching a control point isn't enough here, you have to capture that flag!

Here's how it works: the flags start out in a neutral place, and each flag has a designated spot to be captured by each team. Some maps have two flags, and some have three.

So you're sick of the old two-forts maps? Well how about four forts? That might spice things up a little! Having four teams can change the CTF gameplay a lot - when you're carrying a flag, there are three teams of enemies trying to stop you!

Four teams adds a whole new dimension to the game... and makes possible some more gameplay options, which you can mix and match, or you can stick with the normal scoring.
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Re: Apprehension; Flag Domination; CTF 4

Post by mckroket »

ctf4 1.1 ; It works just fine on my server. but i really can`t get the map working in mapvote la 13.
if i use filter ctf4-* it just shows all the normal ctf maps, but then called ctf4-gauntlet (etc). the real ctf4 map isnt even showing!
and if i use filter ctf4-crossroads (thats a ctf4 map), then it just doenst show the map at all... some1 has a clue?
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Re: Apprehension; Flag Domination; CTF 4

Post by X_Sheep »

Flag Domination is quite fun.