Introduce yourself! (Please NOT only your Name or Clan!)
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Hello to everyone. I am Louis, a name I find translates to "good at war" so I like playing warlike games. I am an oldtimer (past the age of 60) who has been playing UT99 since it first came out and also enjoy Civilization IV. At last count, I had over 12,000 flag caps. Just last year, I got around to trying to form up a clan: |ofb|, which is headquartered at http://www.organizedforbattle.com, a forum that has grown way past being about just about the game. That, I guess, is because I am a former newspaper journalist with wide-ranging interests.

We have a server that is low-gravity sniper and includes the neglected Domination style of games. If you should visit, be advised the BOTs have elavated skills, especially those wearing an »§F« tag. The bots, by the way, have their own forum at http://sfclan.prophpbb.com/?sid=bdcff3c ... 71284f7d2b. It's called getting carried away. LOL


Anyway, we at ofb like having fun and hope to see some of you around sometime soon. I should say the clan is actively recruiting.
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Re: Halo

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Welcome Ludicrous! :gj:
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Re: Halo

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hi ludicrous (good to see here), welcome. :tu: