Hello from FsA!

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Hello from FsA!

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Hi everyone!

Nice to see there's an initiative like this so many years after the UT99 went out. Good to see it's still alive!

Well, we're a Snipers Clan. We run an server in Argentina, with 2 custom rifles, and the good all Redeemer.

The address is unreal:// in case you wanna pay a visit. Obviously, if you're from the north, you're gonna get 200 and above ping, but if you wanna check it out it's there.

Our website is http://www.fsaclan.com.ar

We don't play Classic UT (all weapons) as a clan, but i tend to remember it from time to time.... and everytime I realize i suck at it!! hehehe....

Well that's much for the presentation.
If there's a way I can help (moderation of a board, or anything) just let me know.)

God Speed UT99.org!
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Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome [FsA]Lordinario !
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hello m8s :lol:
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Re: Hello from FsA!

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hey guys,

I played against you in the DoC Freestyle - i mean OldSchool Camping :P - FragNation Ladder (I was [a$d]SoloSoldier) and I had great fun. you guys were great sports, good laughs and exactly the kind of players we need in this community to help it stay alive. welcome guys and i shall definately be swinging by to say hi as soon as i get some spare time :D