UT99.org Ultimatum

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UT99.org Ultimatum

Post by Feralidragon »

UT99.org Ultimatum

Ok guys, it's like this: I am running out of patience right now (directed specially to Hermskii and JackGriffin, but consider this an ultimatum to absolutelly everyone in this forum), so I will be very clear:

UT99.org is a known place by it's fully neutral position for everyone, by being one of the biggest forums and being drama free 99% of the time.
I am well aware that some people do not agree fully with the rules we have, or the actions we take, but for those people: we run a big forum, therefore we always act for a good reason and for everyone's good, if you cannot understand it, you have the right of your opinion of course, but respect our actions.

Therefore, in basically the first week papercoffee got moderation rights, he sees himself forced to stop a flame war started by 2 individuals which I spoke to in the past and neglected everything I said to both of them back then. To be honest I DON'T F*CKING CARE AT ALL about your personal wars, at least not anymore after that fact.

So consider this a last warning: whoever starts some bullsh*t like this again in OUR forum from now on, will get:
- 2 days ban for the 1st time;
- a week ban for the 2nd,
- a lifetime ban for the 3rd, so there won't be a 4th chance.

I don't really care who starts it, or your motives, or who's right or wrong, whoever starts it will get this enforced to them, no exceptions. Any personal wars take them elsewhere to your own forums or to PMs, but not to the public boards hijacking topics for your own selfish interests.
I'm seriouslly tired of having to deal with 30's to 50's year old KIDS, who CANNOT respect the BASIC RULES.

Again, posting this because of 2 individuals (there was even a 3rd trying to reinforce the flames, and you're in my sight now as well sir), but this is directed to absolutelly everyone.

Have a good day and I hope I made myself clear, so behave from now on.
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Re: UT99.org Ultimatum

Post by Hermskii »


I admit that I am guilty as charged. I broke several rules here as was pointed out. I apologize to you and everyone here for my behavior. I also want to say that I appreciate not being deactivated or worse... BANNED! This forum let me off the hook this time and I won't break the rules here again.

Administrating a forum can be a very tough job and sometimes it can be very hard to decide when to finally jump in to a mess like the one I was making here and stop it. I want to offer a special apology to papercoffee as well. I felt he handled it very well and that was a tough call on his part to make but he made the right one.

Thank you,

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Re: UT99.org Ultimatum

Post by $carface »

Bad boys :shock1:
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Re: UT99.org Ultimatum

Post by VRN|C-18 »

Feralidragon wrote:
UT99.org Ultimatum

I don't really care who starts it [...], whoever starts it will get this enforced to them, no exceptions.
You should change that line, contradictions within rules lead to nothing but grief. Also, even if most people know or understand what you mean, you should terminate any imaginable chance of misunderstanding, and this definitely is one.
No flaming intended, I agree with the rule also.
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Re: UT99.org Ultimatum

Post by dynaphase »

u folks be nice or i can take some shock rifle xD
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