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ut2k4 relating to ut99

Postby EvilGrins » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:26 am

The ut2004 gametype Invasion is more like Monster Madness: Us Against Them than it is like Monster Hunt but it's still good fun. However, my question doesn't have to to with that.

I'm not as familiar with ut2004 as I am with ut99 but in the original if you joined a hosted game and you had a skin/model they had then you'd see yourself as that character and so would everyone else there. However, if however you looked wasn't on the hosted site then you and everyone else saw you as a default skin/model.

I just started playing Invasion online the other day and, me being me, I was playing as a Skaarj. Specifically, this one:


Now this skin is a little unusual, even for Skaarj, but I could see myself in games I joined this way so I'm assuming everyone else did too. However, ut2004 may be different enough that people were seeing me as something other than I saw myself as.

So, which is it?
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