[ClanBase] 2on2 BunnyTrack OpenCup Fall 2011

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[ClanBase] 2on2 BunnyTrack OpenCup Fall 2011

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The Bunny Parade has returned!

It is CB Fall Season! SignUps for most of the Open Cups will be opened on 28th of August. Five days for you to get acquainted with the beautiful face of BunnyTrack and its semi annual event on ClanBase.
Consistency in format, which is 2on2 again, will make it easier for new players to get their feet on track and form a team! Absolutely no need to worry about skill levels as we want to make sure there are multiple divisions!
You complain about UT dying slowly? What you can do now is go here quickly:

If you want to know more about this Open Cup click here:

Enough information and a team? You can sign up directly by clicking the following link:

You can create a new team here:

New to ClanBase? Create an account here:

We are hoping for great activity and another dose of bunny hopping action!
Spread the word and mobilize as many of your friends as you can, the more bunnies, the better :)

I may add that we are so ahead of time that the cup page has not been published by CB yet, but it will be available for sure by Friday 26th of August.
Until then you might want to check out the previous cup as a reference:

The Supervisors,

C-18 and SAFeSTeR
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