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¤¤¤---(-=SIF=-) Server | www.sif-ga.me ---¤¤¤

Post by Acid.OMG »

So I bought a server from Gamerservers.com. I thought hard and decided to make the sever dedicated to my old clan from 2005/2006. At this time it is not a clan but just a community server.

Its going to feature the legacy rx and also the gametype/mod im working on perfecting which is Shockwores.

I also have a website... http://www.sif-ga.me

Everything is running but still under construction. Tell me what you think. Any feedback and support is appreciated. :D


Forgot to post the info lol

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Re: ¤¤¤---(-=SIF=-) Server | www.sif-ga.me ---¤¤¤

Post by rohitggarg »

sexy!!! :) new servers getting added....

Who wants some!! :mad2:

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.............

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Re: ¤¤¤---(-=SIF=-) Server | www.sif-ga.me ---¤¤¤

Post by |PKP|Thunder »

Hey bro just joined this forum and saw your post. I run 2 99 servers and a 2k4 all DM servers. I spend alot of time trying to change up the servers...you know something new and exciting. So i got tired of feeling limited by game types and other mods making you feel like its just for that game type.....nope!......to be continued. :???:

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